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Bari News to Use – No-Incision Procedure to Adjust Pouch After Gastric Bypass

Return to a “losing weight” status.

Are you having trouble losing weight?  Are you more than a year post surgery?  Did you know that there is a procedure to adjust the pouch to assist you in returning to a “losing weight” status?  I’ve noticed a lot of individuals are stating that they have either  plateaued or have regained a considerable amount of weight back.

I am 4 years out and am at my lowest weight since being a teenager.  I too had plateaued, but reached out to my daughter who is also a bariatric patient and is ten years post-op.  She advised me to do several things.  First, increase my water consumption and infuse the water with fruit.  Secondly, increase my protein by eating some selections that she provided.

If you want more info from Kiley, message her at and check out the article below about the pouch adjustment procedure to see if that is something you should investigate further or get the help from the bari guru, Kiley.

No-Incision Procedure to Adjust Pouch after Gastric Bypass





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