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Bariatric Surgery Reduces Some Female Cancers

Among curing Type II diabetes, obesity studies now show that bariatric surgery can cure some female related cancers.  This is unbelievable and this study shows the link between a significant lowering of insulin usage, blood pressure medicine, liver medications, heart medication, and sleep apnea.  With the reduction of weight, many areas are improved overall because allows your heart to feel great.  If you lose the weight, you’re able to live your life fully.   Be encouraged that research is showing if you stay focused and driven or think about making that step that changes your life, you will be on the right road to a healthier life.   Check out the news article link in below.  I think you’ll find it pretty interesting.  I will share a small piece of it with you.

“Bariatric surgery not only reduces the incidence of overall cancer in obese women, but also the risk for certain female cancers in particular its association with a significantly reduced risk of endometrial cancer” these findings were published in the May 2017 issue of “Gynecologic Oncology”.

Let this information encourage you to make a change to better yourself and to make a healthier future for yourself.  For the love of yourself, anything you can do to help prevent cancers or other deadly diseases is so worth your time.  We learn things to make changes for our future everyday, but we must use that information to keep breathing for the ones we love.   Bariatric Surgery For Your Teen – Now Possible

At a median follow-up of 18.1 years, investigators found that the risk of developing any cancer was 29% lower among women who had undergone bariatric surgery than among those who had not.  These studies can change your way of thinking.  Click the link below to learn more valuable information:

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