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Being Afraid To Take The Surgery Step

I totally understand your fears.  The unknown with surgery especially with bariatric surgery being such a permanent fix your anxiety is probably high.  Remember, this is the choice to be taken lightly.  Review everything.  All of your options to make sure this is your final choice and you have tried everything.

There’s just no helping you at all. Being at that point allowed me to analyze myself and my life and if I could possibly do this without surgery. I had no control even with Weight Watchers, Slim for Life, and Jenny Craig.  I tried and failed even tried weight loss pills, remember Ephedra?  I had heart palpitations and I finally knew I’m going to kill myself doing all this diet stuff, but there was just no way.  I asked for help.  I received the help words and cannot explain the happiness inside and out and its oozing through my pores.  My confidence is beyond words and I actually have faith now and hope for a better lifestyle, future and I could play with my child and that’s what matters.

Building and creating a community for bariatric patients, to come and feel secure with there discussion. Informed with recipes & fitness tips, along with motivation before surgery, after surgery and ongoing care that is needed for a strong healthy life after bariatric surgery.

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