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Holiday Bloat!

Feeling weighed down?   Bloated from all the fast food and dining out?  Not to mention the Christmas and New Year’s parties that are enough to stress out even the most happiest person.   And with that stress comes a heavy price to pay in your wallet and on the scale.  The holiday adventures are only temporary.   Make a goal to give yourself a gift of love by not indulging in foods that will make you feel bad after you eat it.  The holiday foods that can ultimately make you feel bad are no’s no’s any other time.  Find ways to make better choices such as my favorites like fruit, cheese, or veggie trays are good foods to help with feeling full and curbing your appetite to full you up with good stuff.  Eating these foods instead of the sweet trays will curb your sweet tooth.  Exercising is one of the best stress relievers on the planet and we all have time for THAT!  Not only does it release positive endorphins that make you feel amazing, but you lose weight, look great and improve your overall self esteem. You can beat the feeling of overcoming temptation.



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