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Hydration. Hydration. Hydration. Why Water is My New Best Friend.

Everyone knows that water is essential for all life. But did you know the importance of adequate water in regard to weight loss? For me, post-weightloss surgery seems to be a chore to get my portions consumed. Sometimes water hurts my stomach if I forget and drink it too fast or if it is too cold.

Right after I had my surgery, I noticed that even the smallest amount of water I drank would affect my stomach – like seriously. However, I found out that I was still healing and that was the reason for the pain and the fact that I needed to really reduce the actual amount I drank to just sips at a time. Be sure to talk to your doctor if you have similar issues.

I finally discovered that – in drinking adequate amounts of water that I was not so gassy and that it actually helped the digestive tract because it moves food through your system.

Check out the article by Chris Ilides regarding the importance of water consumption in your diet and how it really does continue to play a significant role in your road to continued weight loss.

Kiley Williams-Bowls

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