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Love Yourself Enough

Love your yourself enough to take control of your health.  There are many things that take control of your life daily from bills, love, money, sickness, friends – just to name a few.  However, what can you do if your health puts you down and keeps you down.  Love yourself first and enough to address things about yourself that may put you down.

You can take small steps first.  Go to the dentist once every 6 months, if you have dental insurance its covered once every six months and if you have health insurance at work, they may give you bonus points for maintenance health.  Next, be sure to get your annual wellness checkup, its covered and you may not even have to pay a co-pay for that visit, but be sure and check with your insurance provider first.  Then there is your annual mammogram if your a woman and an annual prostate checkup as recommended by your physician.

You show your live to everyone else, how about showing some for yourself.

Building and creating a community for bariatric patients, to come and feel secure with there discussion. Informed with recipes & fitness tips, along with motivation before surgery, after surgery and ongoing care that is needed for a strong healthy life after bariatric surgery.

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