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New Type of Weight Loss “Surgery”

There is a new weight loss surgery available and it involves a no cutting like the typical weight loss surgery options.  This procedure involves sewing the stomach in a zigzag pattern and pulling the stitches together to make the stomach smaller.  This procedure is said to take about 40 minutes and it is done while the patient is asleep.  A surgical instrument is put down the esophagus and then zigzag stitches are made in the stomach to allow the surgeon to tighten them thus making the stomach smaller.  Currently, the cost of this procedure is between $10,000-$15,000 and insurance does not provide coverage, but I would guess if it is cheaper than an actual gastric sleeve or gastric bypass and approved by the FDA coverage for this procedure would be shortly forthcoming.

This article stated that this could be an alternative for those whose BMI is below 30 and would like to lose about 40-60 pounds.  I still believe that the surgical route is the best way to go, but technology is always reinventing itself.  Additionally, we must remember that portion control is still at the forefront with this procedure as well and this is an area where many patients have difficulty.

My daughter and I believe our success in relationship to our continued weight loss is because we know that it is portion control and exercise that will result in success with bariatric surgery procedures.  You must, you must, you must maintain portion control for effective and consistent weight loss.

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