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Plateaus, How to Overcome Them

Successful weight loss is a journey, a series of ups and downs that will ultimately result in the place you want to be if you stick with the plan. What happens though, when you get to a certain weight and then the scale seems to stay there for weeks on end despite staying on your diet and working out religiously? It can be frustrating, and if you allow the temporary stall to rattle you, it can derail your hard work.

Known as “plateaus” these pauses in weight loss after surgery are very common and can happen for many different reasons. Unlike past plateaus you might have experienced on diets you tried prior to weight loss surgery, these plateaus can really be hard to take emotionally after seeing the weight come off so quickly and consistently for so long.

The key is not to get discouraged and fall back into bad habits just because you think “its not working anyway” or “what is the point of depriving myself if the scale isn’t going to move.” The scale will move again, and it is important to keep in mind that the scale is only one way to measure progress especially if you’ve committed to a regular exercise plan-you could be losing inches instead of pounds. Track your measurements in addition to weighing in so if progress has stalled on one, you might see progress on the other.

If you truly have hit a plateau, try doing some of the following to encourage weight loss:

  • Change up your gym routine by using different equipment, varying the length of workouts, adding some free weights or taking more rest days
  • Keep a food journal to make sure your diet is on track because it is easy to lose sight of what you are eating every day especially if you have been at this for a long time
  • Weigh and measure your food to get a good idea of portion sizes-you might be eating more than you think if you are just “eyeballing” it
  • Try some new foods and monitor carbs and protein intake. If you have found yourself consuming more carbs, try increasing the amount of protein and veggies in your diet

In the game of weight loss after surgery, slow and steady wins the race every time. If you are really struggling, reach out to your support group for help and ideas. You’ve come this far, now keep going. You can do this and with the help of the BariGirls, you will succeed!!!!!

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