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The Power of Soreness

Yes, I know it sucks to be sore, but the power of you pushing through should give you some type of release. You’ve made it this far. Consider your soreness a form of triumph. Take in the moment because this is only the beginning. I have been very, very sore after workouts, but the power and the adrenaline I have afterwards pushes me to keep going.

It is more than a journey, you must put in the work because as you know, no pain no gain. There are no shortcuts to success. Even if you do struggle, remember no one is judging you but yourself and we do not care what other people have to say. If it was easy, we all would be skinny. Try not to get burned out and switch up your workout. There are plenty of different ways to spice up and change up your workout routine. Need suggestions, contact me via this site. Thank you, K.

Building and creating a community for bariatric patients, to come and feel secure with there discussion. Informed with recipes & fitness tips, along with motivation before surgery, after surgery and ongoing care that is needed for a strong healthy life after bariatric surgery.

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