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What Is Skinny Fat?

Have you ever heard of being skinny fat?

Skinny Fat means a lack of exercise or a past of excessive dieting without eating enough protein to maintain any muscle. An individual looks gaunt, lacking of nutrition and having no muscle or tonnage.  Things to personally explore as you read this article are:

Body fat specifically surrounding the mid-section

Body shape specifically apple shape

Adopting a routine that you can actually STICK to

Well, skinny fat does exist especially after weight loss surgery, but it can be fixed. We have dealt with many yo-yo diets, scale watching and personal problems in this journey to external happiness, but we want to be as healthy as possible trying to achieve it.

Once you read the article and take the skinny fat quiz, it will help you be a bari good eye opener.   Remember change is awesome and allows constructive criticism for your bariatric growth.   Enjoy.



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