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Bariatric Surgery Is NOT The Easy Way Out

Bariatric surgery, which is commonly known as weight loss surgery, is increasingly becoming popular as…

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Welcome Our Newest Collaborator – Vidafuel!!!

We are excited to announce our latest collaboration is with Vidafuel.  Vidafuel is women lead,…

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Why Is It Important to Explore New Foods and Spices

Are you tired of eating those same boring meals? Want to try something new? Then…

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Giving Yourself Words of Affirmation

Positive self-talk is important to maintaining good mental health and building self-esteem. Research shows that…

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Learning How to Motivate Yourself

Setting goals is easy but following through with them is not a child’s play. Research…

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Ways to Be Proactive About Your Health!!

Advancement in the medical field has meant that the number of people dying due to…

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The BariGirls Hen House Cooking Shows

Click on the link below for hundreds of healthy cooking videos with new recipes, cooking…

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The BariGirls Tea & Carol

Click on the video below to hear about The BariGirls Tea Carol Hittle Tea Video…

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The BariGirls and Fox4 KC

Check out the best tailgating tips for your Chiefs gathering events all year around!!!!! Clink…

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