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Expanding Your Palate

As you begin your healthy eating journey, adding a variety to your meals can be exciting. It can even become a way to expand your palate by exploring different cuisines.  The BariGirls have a great amount of healthy cooking videos that can help you to expand your palate with beneficial foods that are easy breezy to create.  Click on the link to access The BariGirls Hen House sponsored cooking videos.  Bari Girls – YouTube

Try the following suggestions to broaden your culinary experience.

·       Keeping An Open Mind

We are often reluctant to try new recipes just because we perceive them as weird to our liking. The first step to expanding your palate is to open up your mind to new and different food.

·       Taking It Slow

Do not overwhelm your taste buds by trying or incorporating everything unfamiliar or exotic in your diet. Take it slow and try one thing at a time.

·       Exploring Different Cuisines

Trying food from different cultures can be a great help to expand your palate. It will introduce you to new flavors and combinations you could never even think of.

·       Trying Ethnic Grocery Stores

Another way is that you can try exploring the ethnic grocery stores in your nearby areas. It will introduce you to different ingredients. You can incorporate them into your daily recipes and notice the difference.

·       Visiting The Food Events

Hosting food festivals is nothing new nowadays. You must attend these events and sample every different recipe the vendors are offering.

It will allow you to discover even the simple and common recipes presented differently. A great way to expand your list of favorite foods.

·       Cooking At Home

When you will explore different cuisines and ingredients, you might want to try them at home. Do not be afraid to cook at home and experience the different recipes to your liking.

You can even invite your friends to cook together or join cooking classes to expand your palate and learn something new.

·       Keeping A Record Of Your Journey

Lastly, do not forget to record every step of your journey and keep a record of it. Just reminiscing the memories and noticing how far you have come is wholesome.

Expanding your palate is not only an exciting journey but it allows you to learn about different cultures and their ethnicity. So, keep trying and enjoy every step of your journey.


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