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Spring Cleaning Your Attitude For Healthy Eating

Did you fail to maintain your New Year’s resolution of changing your eating habits? Don’t worry, there is still time to undo the damage in a way by “spring cleaning” your food.

Certain modifications can be done in diet to improve energy levels, strengthen the immune system, and even realize weight loss.

Steps to Spring Clean Your Diet

Take some images of your fridge, freezer, pantry shelves, and drawers. Look at these photos and think, if someone sees them, would they think that you are on a balanced and healthy diet?

If not, then it’s time for some changes.

Eliminate Unhealthy Choices

Find processed foods, sugary snacks, and unhealthy drinks in your house and replace these with healthier options such as fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. It reduces the risk of chronic diseases.

Design Your Meals

Develop a diet strategy for one week that will include different sorts of healthy food. In your meals, ensure there are plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins.

Apply The Rule of Thumb in Serving Sizes

Take note of serving sizes and avoid eating more than necessary. Click this link  Cart – BariGirls to purchase The BariGirls Eats Kit 2.0

The BariGirls Eats Kit contains a 6 oz bowl and plate along with a smaller fork and spoon to help with eating smaller portions.  Smaller plates and bowls can help you manage your portion sizes. Pay attention to when your body needs food or is full to prevent overeating. This is because portion control allows successful weight maintenance.

Change Gradually

Do not forget that tiny changes result in great improvement over time. 80% of people are more successful in sustaining a healthy diet by making small changes, instead of the ones of make drastic changes.

Check out recipe ideas by clicking the link

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