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Fitness – Where to Begin

Obesity rates have sky-rocketed in recent years. Adult obesity rates in the US were 41.9% in 2017 and the number has only increased since. The WHO (World Health Organization) estimates that over 4 million people die each year globally as a direct result of obesity. Additionally, fitness is not just about physical wellbeing as it is intrinsically linked to mental health as well.  The BariGirls realized this situation 10 and 15 years ago and wanted to get control of our health.

Restart your Fitness Endeavors

It is time to rethink and revise your attempts at getting fit. Here are three ways you too can achieve a healthy life.  We have a number of ways to help you get back on track and one way to get started is by purchasing our Lifestyle Coaching product.

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Mind Over Matter

Achieving any goal starts with making a strong resolve. Don’t just set a concrete objective for yourself, like losing ten pounds in two weeks. Instead, contemplate why you want to set these goals, and what is the reason behind your fitness journey. It may be to improve your health or adopt a new hobby. Doing this makes your fitness journey more meaningful and that helps with keeping you motivated.

Stop Following Trends

Do not pay attention to trendy diets, workouts, or any such fitness prepositions. Trends have come and gone. The problem is that when a trend fizzles out it takes away your interest and motivation along with it as well. Following trends adversely impacts consistency and that is the one thing you need to remain on a path to fitness.

Find what works for You

Educate yourself and try out different ways. Find a fitness routine that works for you and stick to it. Consistency is key and so is finding a routine that is in harmony with your lifestyle. If you go to work early just wake up a little earlier and go for a run. On the other hand, if you work night shifts then you can try to squeeze in high-intensity interval training.

The journey towards fitness is never smooth. It is a bumpy ride full of roadblocks and detours. But it is a journey worth undertaking because the result is improved wellness and nothing matters more than your wellbeing so get started now.


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