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Bari Good Info, Just For You!!

The BariGirls 3.0 and Hen House Market

Coming soon the BariGirls cooking show sponsored by Hen House Market will show you all…

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Hen House and The BariGirls – Did You Know!!!!!

Spring into healthy snacks with Hen House Markets and the BariGirls. The large selection and…

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Hen House and The BariGirls Joint Venture

The BariGirls are now working with Hen House to provide a you with healthy living…

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Let Lentils Light Up Your Taste Buds

What do you think of when you hear the word “lentils?” A steaming bowl of…

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It’s HERE – The BariGirls Newsletter – Make It Count!!!!!!

We are excited to announce the BariGirls newsletter, Bari Good To Know" newsletter.  Find out…

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Your Spring 2021 Mindset

Very soon spring will be here and there is nothing like grabbing that inspiration from…

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Support is Here for You!!!!!!!

Your journey to weight loss surgery and beyond is as individual and unique as you.…

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Plateaus, How to Overcome Them

Successful weight loss is a journey, a series of ups and downs that will ultimately…

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Honey Powder – It’s a Super Food!!

Creating a balance in your diet after weight loss surgery is key to long term…

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