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Learning How to Motivate Yourself

Setting goals is easy but following through with them is not a child’s play. Research has identified that only about 8% of people reach their set goals. Achieving what you envision can be really difficult, especially on days when there is no motivation.

So what to do in a time like this?

Here are some science-proven techniques that you can adopt to motivate yourself:

Rediscover Your Why

Reminding yourself about why you want to reach the set goal can work wonders. Recalling why you set this specific goal and how you will benefit from it can resurge your lost motivation.

Use A Calendar

In times like these calendars can be your best friend. It can act as an external stimulus. You can put in a specific date for the task you want to complete. Besides, it is proven that goals without any specific time can wane the motivation to achieve them.

Start Small

You just need to start. While everyone might tell you to just go for it, some people fail to understand that you need to start small. Baby steps are the key; otherwise, you are going to burn out soon.

Track Every Step

Track every progress you make. No matter how small it is, keep a record of it, because even small wins can be extremely motivating. There are several apps out there to help you with that.

Stay Motivated

Motivation is not permanent. There are times when you are going to go into a procrastination slump. Practicing above-proven strategies at that time can be helpful for self-motivation.  The BariGirls provide a multitude of videos and information to support you on your journey to help eating.  Come walk with us and become empowered via motivation.


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