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Spotlight Reader – Introducing Candice


The first picture says it all, I couldn’t be the mother or wife I needed to be for my family. I couldn’t take long walks, go to the grocery shopping without my back hurting. I couldn’t stand up for long periods of time without one of my extremities swelling.  I let other people get the best of me and made me question my own worth. That’s when I chose myself first for once to choose the gastric sleeve. You start to see the double chins disappear and finally getting a jaw line to a collarbone. My waistline decreased but yet not in pounds, but the inches did come off.  The first 20 pounds gave me the confidence, the boost I needed to keep succeeding. I kept telling myself, “I got this,” “you can do this.”  I pushed further ahead, every day was a struggle, every day was a challenge, but every day I strive to be me. The more I push myself the more I was accomplishing things that were unachievable or just a dream.

Are YOUR DOUBTING?  If you are doubting a bariatric surgery, I hope my post helps.  Life is going to give us obstacles no matter what, but what mental and physical state do you want to be in?  I’m barely 5’0”, highest weight lbs., once at the doctors 215 lbs.  And now, 106.6 lbs.!!! It’s hard to believe it sometimes, I never dreamed I could be here, but I am, 15 months post op.  Please don’t EVER underestimate yourself.  I did, which made me last longer in depression (bipolar, manic depressive), anxiety disorder, feelings of no self-worth, and so many doubts!  Getting my life back has been amazing and one heck of a journey, but I’ve seen so many people be mean/negative/ argumentative and for what?  STOP THAT!  “Walk a mile in their shoes.”  My life has been wonderful since my gastric sleeve, even all the downfalls I had through my journey. I would do it all over again, again, and again!  Be kind to others, don’t doubt yourself, start now ANY AGE, ask questions, google questions, remember to always listen to your physician, and do what’s best for YOU! ❤️.  I hope this helps at least one person.  You are enough, you are loved, and you have worth.
You can find Candice’s TikTok account under the name @vsg_i_gotmylifeback
Thank you, Candice for sharing your story.  You too should check be a follower on The BariGirls’ TikTok page.

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  1. Candice,
    I am so proud to call you my wife. The journey have have been on is a testament to your hard work and dedication. Not only to weight loss but to our family. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives. Also, you look absolutely amazing!! I love you so much!!!

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