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How to Handle Those That Criticize Your Weight Loss Choice

People have some nerve to think you can actually say something about how I should handle decisions for my health and body. In this and all situations, you are not me. You do not know what goes on with me. You do not get to judge me. It is a personal choice to get bariatric surgery and it is a last resort. So when others judge you, pay no mind and block them out. These haters don’t matter!!!! Know that the only person that matters is you. The only person this effects is you and your partner. You must focus on what’s important in your life.

Some of the main reasons why they feel the way they do it because they can’t be a success or take that great leap toward a healthier life. The confidence you now have and the willpower is something they can learn from you. So, hold your head up high, dress like a winner because you are making moves to make a healthier lifestyle change and this is about YOU. Don’t allow them to spoil your day or steal your surgery happiness away. You win. You’ve won. Congrats!!!

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