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2019 – A New You Continues!!!!

As I reflect upon the new year, I hope to continue my success with keeping the weight off and staying as healthy as possible.   Many people don’t realize the daily work that is involved with keeping the weight off.  Most people believe that the surgery will make it magic stay off and no work is involved on their part.  Absolutely not.  This surgery is just the beginning, a jump off point, to getting and keeping the weight off.

I have learned that I must daily recommit to the goal of making everything I put in my mouth count.   I think the most beneficial thing I have learned through this journey nearing 5 years post surgery, is that you have to plan out what you are to eat.  You must ask yourself questions like, how much protein does this have, will it help me meet my protein goal for the day, is it high in sugar and if so can I substitute that for something that will count.

Additionally, I don’t think that many people realize just how much the psych plays in regard to weight loss and daily choices.  When I wake up daily and look in the mirror, I think about the day and how my choices affect how I feel.  Making the right choice regularly will build your confidence and that confidence will translate into being success in not only weight loss, but in other areas of your life.

I will forage through 2019 with the goal of making choices that count for my health and life.  I am hoping that you find the things that motivate you to make it count with smart choices.  Love yourself enough to make the better choice.


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