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How I Took Charge of My Health Destiny

You are a Type 1 diabetic, obese and you have hypertension.  Those were the words of my physician and words that I already knew were real and true.  I have been obese and a type 1 diabetic for 20 years and I knew I needed to do something about it as well as deal with the complications I was experiencing with my lap band.  My lap band had slipped and all of the fluid used to fill the balloon in the band had to be removed due to slippage.  I was distressed and I made the decision to take control and not just worry about the situation.  I encourage you to take control if whatever health issue that is troubling you.  I know it is scary at times and overwhelming, but how about one step at a time.  I am not the bravest person, but I also am not a chicken and know that you have to take a deep swallow and walk through the door of change, sometimes alone, but take the step for yourself, for your children, for your health.

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