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I Know How Shonda Rhimes Feels

As a surgical weight loss patient and 20 year Type 1 diabetic, I am doing everything possible to control what I can of my health.  It is quite interesting that people say to you how great you look and men and women now pay me more attention.  I am still the say loving person I have always been 100 pounds ago.  It is a shame that people feel you are more viable and valuable when you look a certain way.  However, I too have valued people that are attractive by the world’s standards and that is wrong of me as well.

I have learned from my weight loss journey to smile and say help to people that are invisible in today’s society and embrace those that have not made the journey to better their health.  I believe we need to encourage those that we know and meet to love themselves enough to make those changes that will allow them to enjoy life more fully.  Losing weight is not easy and it takes an incredible amount of strength to make changes.  When I chose to have surgery to help me with taking control of my life, many people that I took the easy way out.  Let me know say that following the doctor’s suggestion for surgery is just like any other medical suggestion that he/she indicates will better your health.  Whether it is writing a prescription or advising any type of surgical procedure, its what you and your physician agree upon that will make your life better.

As I look at the pre-surgery pictures, I see the sadness in my eyes because I did not want anyone to capture what I looked like.  However, I also see that person in so many people daily and that pushes me to continue to make healthy choices, maintain portion control and exercise regularly.  It is interesting to me how the attitudes of people change with the outside appearance of people.

Please read what Shonda had to say in her interview.

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