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My Bariatric Baby – Kiley Williams-Bowls

To my daughter:

When I first heard my daughter say that she was going to have weight loss surgery 9 years ago, I was like wait a minute what are you talking about.  Flash forward to 2017 and Kiley is killing it with live cooking demonstrations, exercise tips, nutrition tips, coaching, and the smallest weight she has EVER been since she was 10.  I wonder if she had not taken this journey would she still be the super confidence beautiful woman she has become?

Kiley was bullied in school for her weight as well as in her adulthood.  It is something about taking control of something in your life that matters the most flows into every aspect of your being.  I have watched as she made the determination of I am not being to be an overweight adult and pushed away what was in her control of health issues such as diabetes, knee pain issues, etc.

As I watch her deal with depression with the loss of my mother and sister and battle obesity, I see that she has pushed herself to make it through and get help for any adversity that taps on her shoulder.  Bravo, my girl because I know that I will not be here forever and I take comfort in knowing that I believe you will be alright after I’m gone.

Mom so loves you more than you will EVER know and I EVER say,


To my mom:

My love, I mean really mom what can I say after that?   Its thanks to you, I am here and so driven.  From my early pageant days to recording music to publishing my first book entitled “Kill Switch” (which is available on to this site.  This site is full of love and knowledge and its called  You saw something in me and knew I was destined to be someone who stands for something.  With my bariatric family, I am able to complete the mission of helping others, but if not for positive reinforcement I would not have made it this far.  You are beyond what I deserve and I can’t say enough words to full let you know how I feel.

So thank you my sweet love,



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