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Weight Loss Surgery and Your Teen

As a teenager, I felt so ashamed of my weight and wished everyday that I could be the size of the cheerleader that was making fun of me.  I believe that parents should consider weight loss surgery for teens because not only will it help divert the problems that go along with obesity at any age, but it will give that teen the confidence that is needed in the formative years.

I know how I felt in gym class, changing clothes, getting into a swimsuit, etc.  As a teen I was so jealous of all the other girls around me because of their thinness and ability to fit into cool outfits and attract the cute boys.  I would find myself depressed and crying nonstop in private. “Its hard to put up a front when you rather just jump”, I will say.   Being an only child going through this without having friends that provide positive encouragement and strong family and friendship is unbearable, but I was fortunate enough to have friends like those to help push me through high school and life.  Listen and pay attention to your teen especially if they have weight concerns.  You never know what door you might open.  I wish I would have considered and how weight loss surgery sooner.

Check out the link to an informative article by Bruce Vanderburg.



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